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What you should know about NYC's Local Law 97

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  • January 1, 2021 | Chris Ogletree
What you should know about NYC's Local Law 97

What you should know about NYC's Local Law 97

In 2019, the City of New York enacted Local Law 97, the most ambitious legislation related to building emissions enacted by any city globally. The law places carbon caps on a majority of buildings that are larger than 25,000 square feet, meaning around 50,000 commercial and residential buildings across the city will be required to comply.

When is the law going into effect?

The law was introduced as part of the Climate Mobilization Act in 2019, and the caps will officially go into effect starting in 2024. Carbon limits are set based on a building’s occupancy group, and the requirements of the law will become increasingly stringent over time.

Why is the law going into effect?

The goal of the Climate Mobilization Act is an 80% reduction of city-wide emissions by 2050, and Local Law 97 is a central piece of the city’s strategy. The law will require covered buildings to reduce emissions 30% by 2030, and 80% by 2050.

What can I do to meet the requirements?

There are a huge number of ways that you can reduce your building’s carbon emissions. Some common strategies for reducing your emissions include:

  • Investing in insulated windows
  • Installing dimmable lights
  • Upgrading to efficient air conditioning and heating systems
  • Modernizing living and working spaces with energy efficient appliances and equipment

If your tenants make up a large portion of energy usage in your building, it will be next to impossible to reduce your carbon emissions and increase your energy efficiency without their cooperation. Make sure you explain the requirements and deadlines of the new law and discuss ways they can help ensure your building is compliant, such as strategies for reducing energy usage or energy efficiency upgrades that can also reduce energy bills.

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