Webinar Recording

Wellness First: Prioritizing health & wellness initiatives in response to COVID-19

Fitwel is one of the fastest growing health and wellbeing certifications. During difficult, uncertain times like we’re currently going through, focusing on the health and wellbeing of employees, tenants, and residents is crucial for maintaining business continuity.

View our webinar recording where we explain what the Fitwel certification is and why it’s so vital right now. We also dive deep into the value provided by becoming certified, provide best practices and strategies that will help you succeed and allow you to overcome potential obstacles, and review a real-life success story.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Overview of the Fitwel framework
  • Why Fitwel is important, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The value & benefits of achieving Fitwel certification
  • Best practices & strategies for successful Fitwel projects
  • Real life examples & success stories
  • And more