Webinar Recording

Understanding the imperative for ESG reporting & disclosure

Understanding the imperative for ESG reporting & disclosure

ESG is becoming a higher priority than ever across the investing landscape. Throughout the uncertainty and massive business disruptions that occurred throughout 2020, organizations committed to ESG principles were able to more easily adapt and had a faster road toward recovering and regaining a sense of normalcy.

View the recording of our webinar where we dive into some of the catalysts for the growing imperative for organizations to incorporate ESG-focused practices, strategies, and policies into their business operations. We discuss the business benefits of tracking ESG data, strategies for meeting the increased demand from investors and stakeholders for ESG disclosure, and demonstrate tools that will simplify your data collection, reporting, and disclosure processes.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Why tracking ESG data matters now more than ever
  • Mandatory regulations & voluntary disclosures
  • Using technology to collect, track, & disclose ESG data across your fund
  • Setting baselines & tracking progress
  • Identifying opportunities & risks
  • Quantifying qualitative performance factors & metrics
  • And more