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The Strategic Value of ESG Materiality Assessments

The Strategic Value of ESG Materiality Assessments

With investors inquiring more and more frequently about what your company is doing in regard to responsible investment, how you treat employees and vendors, your dedication to sustainability initiatives, and other activities that fall under the ESG umbrella, it's important to have answers to these questions. A materiality assessment empowers you to easily report your current state and outline what future initiatives will focus on.

View our webinar recording to learn what an ESG materiality assessment is, what the benefits for your organization are, and how the assessment supports sustainable investment strategies. Our team of experts provide tips and best practices for the creation & implementation of a successful ESG materiality assessment.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • What is an ESG materiality assessment?
  • Benefits of ESG materiality assessments for your organization
  • How materiality assessments support sustainable investment strategies
  • Best practices for creating & implementing an ESG materiality assessment
  • Strategies for engaging stakeholders
  • And more