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The ESG Experience Podcast - Season 4, Episode 10

ESG ESG Experience Podcast Our Partners Sustainability Reporting
  • April 26, 2024
The ESG Experience Podcast - Season 4, Episode 10

Winters + Winters discuss GRESB ft. Michelle Winters & Dan Winters

In this special episode of the ESG Experience, Dan Winters from GRESB joins Michelle Winters from Conservice to explore the significance of data coverage in enhancing GRESB scores and the sustainability performance of real estate portfolios. They tackle the challenges hindering widespread adoption of GRESB reporting and how industry initiatives are addressing them, analyze the intersection between GRESB and SEC disclosure/IFRS standards, uncovering the implications for sustainability reporting in the global real estate sector, and gaze into the future and discuss the trajectory of GRESB, envisioning its profound impact on shaping the sustainability landscape of the real estate market worldwide.

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